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I used to use lot of Max Factor mascaras when I was in my teen years and loved them but once I discovered all premium brands I forgot about all drugstore makeup 😛

I received this mascara in The Parcel which is a beauty subscription box from Marie Claire. You can get this mascara from Priceline for about $23.95 which is quite pricy. This is what maxfactor.com.au promises:

“Our revolutionary new mascara instantly creates darker, bigger, more dramatic lashes thanks to the new instant impact wand – the small brush that captures and volumises every lash. Prepare for totally transformed lashes. The instant impact wand holds product on the outside of the bristles, immediately transferring it to the base of the lashes in just one stroke.Rows of rotating bristles ensure that as the lashes are brushed through, every eyelash is captured and coated. The result? Lashes that instantly appear thicker and fuller.” 

The mascara itself looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 7.31.56 pm

As soon as I opened it I was put off a little bit because the brush was so small and my first thought was ugh.. another small crappy wand. It has longer bristles at the top end and they go shorter towards the end of the brush. Consistency of the product is good. It is not too dry nor is it too wet and it gives nice black lashes.

I must admit that this mascara exceeded all my expectations because this small wand is doing wonders and it does everything it promises. Most importantly it does not smudge!!! This is the look I achieved:

Max Factor Masterpiece Transform High Impact Volumising Mascara

Some people might not like it as it is pretty clumping when layered but I do not mind it. It keeps the curl and does not weigh the lashes down when applied several coats. One of the times I added probably four coats and my lashes still looked nicely curled. It comes easily off with water but can leave some residue that might need makeup remover. I will definitely repurchase once I have gone through my all other mascaras so a big YES from me 🙂